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Cm 2007 Editor V03 NEW!

Filled circles connected by lines represent Douglas bags obtained during the second minute of each 2 min stage run at a fixed speed with an increase in grade by 2% every 2 min. The last bag at the highest work rate was occasionally obtained earlier in the stage to accommodate subject exhaustion. Required work rate (dark abscissa) calculated directly from treadmill speed and grade. Open bars represent the last four 45 s Douglas bags collected continuously during the supramaximal test. The light abscissa reflects the time the bags were collected during the supramaximal test. Based on running economy determined individually at this grade (8%), the oxygen uptake required to perform this amount of work aerobically was calculated and shown as a solid line with 95% confidence limits (dashed line). From Hawkins et al. (2007) with permission from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Cm 2007 Editor V03

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