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Frieza Approaches Torrent [REPACK]

Three days later, a now healthy Goku and Gohan teleport to where Vegeta and Trunks are training. They see Trunks sitting by himself while Vegeta stands alone on a ledge. Trunks is happy Goku is back while Goku asks Trunks how their training has progressed. Trunks says that his father will not train with him, viewing him as a nuisance, and has simply stood on the ledge for the past three days. Goku approaches Vegeta and tells him about the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and how it could help them surpass Cell and the androids, piquing his interest. Vegeta agrees to go in with Trunks as long as they can use it first, which Goku agrees with. On The Lookout, Vegeta and Trunks enter the chamber, and Trunks immediately notes that the room is hot, with thin air and high gravity. He is taken aback by the room's vast amount of sheer nothingness and says that it would drive anyone insane. Vegeta says that the room is perfect, and Trunks wonders if he can stand a year alone with his father.

Frieza Approaches torrent

Three years pass before the determined Bio-Android roams around in his Imperfect form and comes across Trunks and Bulma saying their goodbyes near the time machine. Trunks is age 23 at the time. As Trunks is about to leave for the past one final time to inform them of his success, he senses Cell and sends his mother away. The cocky Cell approaches the half-Saiyan under the false impression that Trunks is still at the level of power when he initially went back in time and warned Goku, even weaker than the future Androids who are in turn inferior to Cell's strength by a long shot. However, Trunks reveals he destroyed the androids and begins to taunt him with his knowledge from the alternate past. While Cell was angry, he realized that he could use the time machine to go back and absorb them, but Trunks attacks him. The fight begins and Cell is clearly outclassed as Trunks hurls him outside of the city with a simple energy wave in his base state. Once outside West City, Trunks then transforms into a Super Saiyan and then proceeds to clobber Cell with great ease. When declaring that Cell must die, Cell gets enraged and launches his tail at Trunks.

In the anime, Future Trunks then visits Gohan during his conference, and they have ice cream together, while Future Trunks is somewhat shocked and slightly disappointed with Gohan's current power and feels like he can't recognize him at all. Gohan invites him to meet his family, and they travel to Gohan's house, where Future Trunks meets Videl, Mr. Satan and Gohan's daughter, Pan. While Future Trunks waits for Gohan to finish his work, and Videl to prepare dinner, he babysits Pan, and wonders why he is there doing nothing, and Pan begins a tug-of-war with Future Trunks over his sword, until Gohan arrives to stop Pan. Future Trunks and Gohan then go outside with Pan, and they begin to talk about how Gohan should be stricter with Pan but can't help himself as he gets "soft" whenever he looks at her. After Future Trunks sees Gohan playing with Pan, he has a vision of how his future would've been if Black hadn't shown up and realizes the reason why he has to fight Black; in order to allow the people of his future to live happily like Gohan and his family and is finally able to lighten up after the traumatic events he witnessed. Upon arrival back at Capsule Corp Future Trunks bumps into Krillin and talks for a while and Krillin nervously wants to introduce Trunks to his wife and child to which Future Trunks is excited to meet, a figure stumbles upon them, and it turned out to be Android 18, his former adversary, from his timeline, upon seeing Android 18, Future Trunks instantly recognizes her, calls out her name, and prepares to draw his sword, ready to attack her (thinking she is evil) but Krillin stops him and says that Android 18 is his wife. Initially, Future Trunks is both shocked and confused, however, Android 18 reveals she even has a child with Krillin which surprises Future Trunks even more (apparently unaware that despite being an "android", Android 18 can produce an offspring), Android 18 approaches him and gives Future Trunks a friendly fist, to his anxiety Android 18 tells Future Trunks that she heard about him destroying her future timeline counterpart, and demands Future Trunks to pay, but Android 18 is just joking and rejoins Krillin and their daughter, to his slight relief, Future Trunks looks at Android 18 happy together with her family with an awkward look on his face, and goes on to check on his mother.

Fires at a great angle to stop grounded approaches, and can potentially counterpoke Z Broly's upwards Ki Blasts if you're above him. It's also really useful in corner combos to increase your damage just a little more before 236S.

Old Kai commended kibitoshin for barley doing a good job, thinking that such power couldn't be sealed away by one Kai. However, he speaks too soon when a dead Kibitoshin approaches Shocking Old Kai along with Tapion, Minotia, Sugoro and Shusugoro. Kibitoshin claimed that he had nowhere else to go, in which an angry and annoyed Old Kai scolded him for his actions.


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