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[S4E10] The Passenger In The Oven

Booth and Brennan are en route to China where Brennan has been summoned to help identify pre-historic anthropological remains with Booth in tow to watch over her highly sensitive equipment. However, their flight is disrupted when a flight attendant discovers a fully cooked human body in the plane's industrial microwave. Booth and Brennan connect with the team back in the U.S. via internet connection and they use Brennan's high-tech equipment, as well as odds and ends from the airline passengers, to send evidence back to the Jeffersonian for processing. When they identify the victim as a travel writer working on a controversial story about airline pilots, Booth and Brennan must race against the clock and solve the murder before the plane lands in China and they lose their jurisdiction over the case. Meanwhile, back in the states, Angela and Roxie's relationship progresses as Hodgins tries to move on.

[S4E10] The Passenger in the Oven

Booth sneaks back into first class after seeing that the flight attendant has left. He sits down next to Bones and says that he thought working with him was her true passion. She tells him that studying remains is what led her to be a forensic investigator in the first place and for her science comes first. The detectives then hear a scream and follow the voice to the galley below the plane. The flight attendant is standing there in shock after discovering a charred body in the oven. Booth argues with the pilot over whether or not they are on US or Chinese territory. The pilot tells Booth that they have the four hours left in the air to solve the case, because when they land, they will be on Chinese territory.

Booth returns with the supplies and Bones is excited to see the probe because she didn't even think to ask for one. Booth takes credit for the idea and Bones gets to work. Booth notices the phone is off the hook and he calls in the staff to find out who used it. Another flight attendant named Ming admits that she called her boyfriend. The pilot says that her call was a violation of the rules. She tells him that sleeping with passengers in the bathroom is against the rules too and Booth breaks up the argument.

Hodgins sees that the charred fingertips suggest that the victim was wearing fake nails, Camille finds that the victim had either brown or red hair, and Bones sees that the victim was about 5'2. The detectives ask the flight attendants who fits the description and they realize that a first class passenger named Elizabeth Jones fits the description and is now missing. Booth and Bones wake up the man who is sitting in the seat next to Elizabeth's seat. He tells the detectives that he never saw the person he was next to because he took sleeping pills for the flight. Eli's dad stands up and asks everyone to keep it down so his sick wife can get some rest. His wife says she doesn't mind and Eli, now drunk, backs up his mom.

Bones notices that there is a wound on the skull and she figures that the victim was hit on the head before she was killed. Bones asks Booth to bring her denture cream, baby powder, and a lighter so she can get an imprint of the wound and find the murder weapon. Booth asks the ladies if they have denture cream, but both have their original teeth. Booth then announces to the whole plane that he needs the items that Bones requested. People hand forward the cream and powder, but no one has a lighter because they are not allowed on the plane. Ming secretly hands him a lighter and claims that she confiscated it from a passenger.

Bones gets an impression of the murder weapon and Booth sees that the pattern matches the door handle of the oven. The detectives figure the killer slammed the victim into the door handle, then shoved her into the oven. Camille asks Bones to give her a description of the flesh, but Bones doesn't feel comfortable making a subjective assessment. Booth steps in and they realize that the color of the skin means there was blood present, so she was alive when put in the oven and the density of the cooked flesh means she was killed about 6 hours ago. Bones puts a sample of the flesh in a glass and asks Booth to find her some vodka to preserve the sample. Booth realizes that Eli took all the vodka. He approaches Eli and gets the bottles back. He tells Eli that he knows that his mom is sick, but he should try to make her proud with the little time they have left together. Caroline then calls Booth and tells him that the flight's pilot was mentioned in Elizabeth's upcoming exposé.

Bones addresses the passengers and asks if anyone has a laceration on their metacarpal, then Booth takes over and asks who wants a signed copy of Dr. Brennan's book. Everyone raises their hands and Bones goes around to inspect the fingers. She finds a man named Nick DeVito with a finger injury and he explains that it's just trigger finger. Booth and Bones take Nick into first class and ask him if he was having a relationship with Elizabeth. They call Sweets and asks him to ask Howard if Elizabeth had a relationship with Nick DeVito. Howard says that the only person he knew about was a man named Artie who was cheating on his sick wife.

Angela and Hodgins discover that the victim's body had a melted SIM card on it. The pilot then tells Booth that he was informed that a man was arrested in China for possessing stolen credit card numbers that belonged to the passengers on the flight. Booth doesn't care, but the pilot says that the man was Ming's boyfriend. Booth and Bones realize that Ming was busted calling her boyfriend with the numbers and think she might have killed Elizabeth to keep her from talking. They confront Ming and she admits to the credit card scam, but denies killing Elizabeth. She explains that she heard Elizabeth coming, so she panicked and hid in the closet. She heard the struggle, but only saw the feet of the killer. Ming tells them that the killer was wearing the slippers that are handed out in first class.

Bones tells Booth that she can make an ultra violet light out of camera parts and sunglasses. The pilot then tells them that he has to land the plane soon. Booth demands more time, but the pilot says that they will run out of fuel in 20 minutes. Bones walks through first class with her makeshift detector and finds blood traces on a passenger's foot. Booth removes the passenger's blanket cover and sees that it's Eli. Booth asks Eli if he knew about the affair and killed Elizabeth. Eli's dad tells him not to say anything. Booth calls Caroline and asks for a warrant to arrest Eli, but she demand more concrete evidence. Bones sees that a video game cartridge is missing from his case and asks Angela and Hodgins if the SIM card could be from a game. They say it is a likely conclusion and just before the plane touches down, Caroline issues the arrest warrant, and Booth reads Eli his rights.

The plane lands and the passengers applaud. Bones thanks everyone, but Booth tells her the applause is for the landing. The detectives stay on the flight with Eli while the airline finds another pilot to fly them home. Eli will return with them as he is now in federal custody, but his parents will have to return on their own dime. Booth apologizes to Bones for making her miss out on the old bones in China. He also says he's sorry for dragging her out of science and into detective work. Bones reminds him that she had to almost force him to let her join the team. Eli asks if they are going to make out and Bones asks why everyone says that. The two decide to keep Eli in coach and stay in first class with the champagne by themselves. Both relax their seats back while they wait and Booth is annoyed when Bones' seat goes all the way back and his doesn't.

A man feels the effects of his worst transgressions for all of eternity. He is stuck on a re-lived loop as a passenger on a freighter that he, during his life in the German military, sank in World War II. At first, he doesn't know why he is on the ship, but horror sinks in as he recognizes the history that has already happened.

Policemen are investigating a reported flying saucer crash. They find a group of bus passengers stranded at a diner while they wait out a snowstorm. Only trouble is, there are one too many passengers. The cops try to figure out which one is the Martian, while the alien has his own plans for world domination. The episode mentions fellow real-life sci-fi/fantasy writer Ray Bradbury by name as part of the story.

NormanGeneralGenderMaleResides inChicago, IllinoisAppearanceEye colorBrownHair colorBlackProductionSeason (s)2Appears inThe Falcon and The Raven - Part OnePortrayed byAlec MapaNorman was an avid Falconer that named his Bird of Prey, Ernesto. After finishing a lunch of meatloaf, he requests a Scüt ride on his phone. Raven arrives to take him on as a passenger, but the sight of the falcon makes her very trepidatious, but the inducement of leftover meatloaf, convinces Raven to take the man and his bird to where they want to go. Before handing over the bribe, Norman warns Raven not to look directly into the falcon's eyes. While she agrees, Raven cannot help herself and glances at Ernesto through the rearview mirror. As the bag of food is being handed over, Ernesto reacts to Raven's furtive glances by extending his wings and screeching causing Raven to drive erratically. Finding herself in her own neighborhood, Raven demands that the pair get out, but Norman claims that they are in a dangerous section of town. Raven uses her tongue to press the window control, allowing Ernesto to fly away. As he exits the car, Norman informs Raven that she has made the wrong enemy. Raven replies that he doesn't scare her, but Norman reveals that he meant Ernesto, which, to Raven's misfortune, proves to be an accurate prediction. Norman was played by Alec Mapa.

Dreamweaver KemaGeneralNickname(s)KemaGenderFemaleResides inChicago, IllinoisOccupationHair StylistAppearanceEye colorBrownHair colorBlack with Magenta steaksRelationshipsFamilyPower (niece) Unnamed sisterFriendsRaven BaxterProductionSeason (s)2Appears inWeirder ThingsPortrayed byWendy Raquel RobinsonDreamweaver Kema visits Raven Baxter every so often, to style her hair. On the day of Raven's latest appointment, as she arrives, her client shows Kema her hair, and she becomes horrified at the mess it has become, and even jokingly asks if Raven lost her comb in the divorce. But Kema reassures Raven, that she'll be able to fix it, however, she does inform Raven that she has a babysitting job later. When Raven asks when, Kema replies now, and calls her niece, Power, from the hall. Power enters the apartment and instantly charms Raven with joyful demeanor and dancing moves. Raven begins enthusiastically hugging the girl, squealing how she would like another small child to care for, but that dream is quickly forgotten when her twins arrive. Booker and Nia ask Raven to take them and their friends Tess and Levi, to the Weirder Things premiere event, as Tess's mom has sleepy foot and, Chelsea is hampered by her fever. Raven agrees, if the kids leave her alone for five hours, allowing Kema to finish working on her weave. Kema states that will be enough time, if she can focus on the work. Which proves harder than anticipated as Kema cannot help being fascinated by Chelsea's antics as she becomes delusional from her fever, beginning with Chelsea using a slipper as a microphone, imagining she is an airline flight attendant. As the twins drag Chelsea back to her room, the Dreamweaver resumes working on Raven's hair, and the pair gossip about Kema's cousin. Power begins encouraging Raven to dance with her, and the kids then ask to take Power with them, which is fine with Kema, as she gets paid either way. After Power leaves, Kema continues her work on Raven, while briefly talking with her mother on the phone. After Kema ends the call, Power calls out from the kitchen that she is hungry. Distracted, Kema continues working on Raven's hair, mistaking Raven's code phrase to stop ("home skillet biscuit"), as an offer for food. As Kema stops, they hear Power making noises in the kitchen. But before either can reach the little girl, the twins appear and offer to take care of Power. Chelsea then reappears, still believing she is a flight attendant now demonstrating emergency procedures by placing a bra over her mouth. While Booker leads Chelsea back to her room, Nia makes Power a quick lunch. Despite the various distractions, Kema manages to fix something for Raven, who ends up being dissatisfied. Raven reminds Kema that she is a Scüt driver not "Mariah Hairy." As the pair argue over the state of Raven's hair, Raven hears a noise, and Chelsea emerges, stating that the passengers are screaming, and asks "Chaka Khan" to help her investigate. The pair run towards the source of the disturbance, prompting Kema to tell Raven that she will stay until she gets paid, mistakenly thinking that Raven is trying to get her hair done for free. Raven and Chelsea eventually return, and Dreamweaver Kema does manage to finally fashion Raven's hair to her ultimate satisfaction. Afterwards, Kema shares with Raven what she dubs "The Crazy Show," her videos depicting the antics of a delirious Chelsea.Dreamweaver Kema was played by Wendy Raquel Robinson. 041b061a72


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