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Tareekh E Khulafa Urdu Pdf Free Download

We have collected "Complete List of History Books in Urdu" for our readers. You can download and view all this books for free here. Islamic history books in urdu, history of pakistan in urdu, indo-pak history books in Urdu and other history books like the famous people in history etc. To download any book you have to click the name of that you and you can download this book.

tareekh e khulafa urdu pdf free download

Tareekh Ibn Kaseer Urdu Complete 16 Volumes written by Hafiz Ibn Kathir is the best and most authoritative book. This Islamic history book in urdu pdf free download is in Arabic language and its Arabic name is Al-Badaiya Wal-Nahaya.

This urdu book on history has been published by Nafees Academy and its Urdu translation has been done by the scholars of Darul Uloom Karachi. Allama Ibn Katheer started this history book from Hazrat Adam and finished it during his time. This book is one of the Islamic books in urdu pdf free download Sunni written on the subject of the history of Islam Is recognized as the greatest book. References to this history book are considered highly authoritative.

is that it does not contain Israeli traditions derived from the holy books of other religions. Christianity or Judaism. Scholars agree that not all Israeli traditions are credible. Because people have changed a lot in the heavenly books. There are sixteen volumes of this best urdu Islamic books pdf free download.


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