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=LINK= Download For Mac

If you need to root your Android smartphone or tablet, you will most likely need to use fastboot and adb tools(except Samsung devices which use ODIN). Normally, fastboot and adb tools are included as part of Android SDK, which is a complete development tool for Android developers. But for rooting, you do not need to download the whole Android SDK, which can take up a lot of space on your hard disk and you just need fastboot and adb tools, which are less than 5MB.

Download For Mac

The included here just provides exactly that, fastboot and adb tools you need and there are 3 different versions of it, Windows, Mac, and Linux so you can use it for all 3 different platforms in one download. These are taken straight from Android SDK so it will save you time. If you are using Chromebook, you can also get the adb tools thru the Chrome Web Store here.

Build products are named using one of the following templates: sqlite-product-version.tar.gz sqlite-product-date.zipTemplates (1) and (2) are used for source-code products. Template (1) isused for generic source-code products and templates (2) is used for source-codeproducts that are generally only useful on unix-like platforms. Template (3)is used for precompiled binaries products. Template (4) is used forunofficial pre-release "snapshots" of source code.The version is encoded so that filenames sort in order ofincreasing version number when viewed using "ls". For version 3.X.Y thefilename encoding is 3XXYY00. For branch version 3.X.Y.Z, the encoding is3XXYYZZ.The date in template (4) is of the form: YYYYMMDDHHMMFor convenient, script-driven extraction of the downloadablefile URLs and associated information, an HTML comment is embeddedin this page's source. Its first line (sans leading tag) reads:Download product data for scripts to readIts subsequent lines comprise a CSV table with this column header:PRODUCT,VERSION,RELATIVE-URL,SIZE-IN-BYTES,SHA3-HASHThe column header and following data lines have no leading space.The PRODUCT column is a constant value ("PRODUCT") for convenientregular expression matching. Other columns are self-explanatory.This format will remain stable except for possible new columnsappended to the right of older columns.Source Code RepositoriesThe SQLite source code is maintained in three geographically-dispersedself-synchronizingFossil repositories that areavailable for anonymous read-only access. Anyone can view the repository contents and download historical versionsof individual files or ZIP archives of historical check-ins.You can also clone the entire repository.

The first step is to download the OxygenOS factory image (fastboot ROM) for your OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro on your computer. In the table below, you will find the direct download links of fastboot ROMs for the latest OxygenOS 11.0.0 software, as well as all the previous ones for all the variants of the OP8 and OP8 Pro.

Cancel my prior question. There was a problem with my phone communicating with my PC which I fixed. I was able to flash the OS to 11.0.0 and the phone did restart but with many problems. I did do the factory reset as recommended. I think I may not have let the fastbootd mode to completely finish. Anyway, I downloaded the full OTA from the OnePlus site to the phone and used the local update to install. Now the phone is functioning normally. Your various guides have been a tremendous help.

As an Android nerd, there are times you probably need ADB or fastboot to mess around with your phone. Maybe you're flashing an OTA or unlocking the bootloader. You used to need to grab a giant package of other junk from Google to get them, but no more! Google has started hosting platform tools downloads without the other stuff that are a mere 3.5MB.

You can get the platform tools for Windows, Linux, or Mac direct from Google's servers. You get a ZIP file containing the platform tools folder with ADB, fastboot, and a few other tools. Previously, you'd have to download Android Studio or the SDK to get these, which are a 400MB-1.6GB download. Even the smaller command line tools download is still 200-300MB. If you're not doing development work, you don't need all that junk.

There are some third-parties that host files like ADB and fastboot, but then you have to wonder if the files are out of date or malicious in some way. It's much safer to get the tools from Google, and now it's easier too. These downloads should be kept up to date going forward, so have fun.

Since it was data-consuming with over 1GB of file size, most of the advanced Android users used to download third-party ADB and Fastboot files. For example, some of you may be aware of Minimal ADB and Fastboot as most of the people used to download. But third-party downloads can have malicious malware and Trojans that can do more damage than good. It is time to ditch the third-parties and get the latest tools directly from Google. The latest SDK Platform Tools file size is less than 4MB. The tools are available for Windows, Linux as well as Mac users. The downloadable links are provided below.

Downloading of the system image and use of the device software is subject to theGoogle Terms of Service. Bycontinuing, you agree to theGoogle Terms of Service andPrivacy Policy. Yourdownloading of the system image and use of the device software may also besubject to certain third-party terms of service, which can be found inSettings > About phone > Legal information, or as otherwise provided.

ADB is available on your computer when you install Android Studio. If you don't already have Android Studio, download and install Android Studio. If you're not using Android Studio, you need to download and install Android SDK platform tools.

First and foremost, you will have to install the Android SDK Platform Tools on your PC. This is the official ADB and Fastboot binary provided by Google and is the only recommended one. So download it and then extract it to any convenient location on your PC. Doing so will give you the platform-tools folder, which will be used throughout this guide.

I downloaded about 4 different versions 2 of them are fastboot versions the second actually states CSC within the firmware version/name and since my mobile will show CSC I downloaded that as my second option

Reboot to Bootloader means restart the device to download or bootloader mode. Once the bootloader is rebooted, the default will not start. Instead, the bootloader will be stalled so that you can load other systems. The Android phones includes 3 different modes, which are system, recovery and bootloader (download).

Third-party utilities and toolkits are also available to download ADB and Fastboot for various platforms. We have linked up one of such toolkits called Minimal ADB and Fastboot below in the article. However, we would always recommend you to download these tools from the official source. The latest ADB, Fastboot can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux. They are available in a ZIP package that you download and extract it anywhere in your computer where you want to use it. And the total size is just around 10MB. You do not need much of the tools attached with it if you just want to perform various ADB and Fastboot related functions on your phone.

If you are a developer, it is recommended to download ADB, Fastboot or update them directly from inside the SDK Manager. This ensures the packages are saved to the right place with the rest of your Android SDK platform tools and easily updated.

The latest releases of Android SDK Platform Tools are available below and you can download ADB and Fastboot for various platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. This page will always have the latest ADB / Fastboot binaries that are also included with the latest release of Android Studio / SDK Manager.

Once you download ADB and Fastboot (Android SDK Platform Tools), you do not really need to install it anywhere. The Platform-Tools package is a ZIP file, means you can simply extract it anywhere in your computer. Just make sure you download it for your correct desktop platform.

As mentioned earlier, Minimal ADB and Fastboot is a third-party toolkit modified for developers who only want to download ADB and Fastboot utilities from the above packages. You do not get extra tools with this, hence the much smaller size (around 1MB only). We have a detailed guide on how to download, setup and use this toolkit.

If you try flashing the new update / factory image with an older version of Fastboot tool, you will get an error message that fastbootd was required. These tools have been deprecated, if you want to still download them, get them from the following links:


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