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[S1E7] Accept NEW!

Imagine you are at a trade fair or conference for an area of business or topic that interests you. Look at the following sentences. Practise how you would accept or decline the offer or respond to the question/statement and continue with the conversation.

[S1E7] Accept

Kim meets with Betsy and Craig Kettleman and proposes a plea deal that includes the return of the embezzled $1.6 million and 16 months in prison for Craig. Since losing a trial would mean 30 years in prison, she recommends Craig accept. Betsy refuses, maintaining Craig's innocence and denying there is any money to return. The Kettlemans fire Kim and hire Jimmy, who initially urges them to accept the plea bargain. Betsy blackmails Jimmy by pointing out that the "retainer" the Kettlemans paid him[b] implicates him in their crime. While picking up records from HHM, Jimmy discovers Kim has been demoted as a result of losing the Kettlemans as clients.

The next day, Jimmy visits the Kettlemans. When they discover the money missing, Betsy again threatens to reveal that Jimmy is also guilty. Jimmy replies that if she does, she will be guilty of a crime for bribing him. If Betsy and Craig are both convicted, the Kettleman children will grow up without parents. The Kettlemans agree to accept Kim's plea deal, deciding that only one parent going to prison is their best option. Knowing he is now unable to afford a new workspace, a frustrated Jimmy returns to his prospective office to vent his anger.

The inmates' freedom is at risk in Fire Country Season 1, Episode 7 when they are blamed for a lost watch. Sharon learns that it is not the worst idea to accept help when it's offered, and Gabriella feels the insecurities of the past come to taunt her.

Raised by a rabidly homophobic mother (who had no issue with her attending a historically male-only military academy) to hate people like herself and then given permission by the accepting father of the woman she loves to hide her truth for her greater good...

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Forever Break podcast. In this episode your hosts, Lianne & Corey, take a deep dive into the topic of mindfulness, mulling over what it means to be present in the moment, accept change, manage stress, and switch off autopilot.

Mindfulness through the eyes of this dynamic duo is a fun place to start, but what do the experts have to say? Enter relationship coach, emotional intelligence practitioner, and award-winning diversity advocate, Chris Armstrong. In an in-depth interview, Chris stresses the importance of letting go of the judgements of others to develop self-acceptance and questions if you really need to forgive in order to find peace.

With the closure of the Pro-bending Arena, Korra tells Mako and Bolin that Tenzin has allowed them to stay on Air Temple Island. However, they inform her that Asami has already invited them to live in the Sato estate, her father's upscale home. As Asami shows up, she and Bolin, who is holding Pabu in his hands, convinces Korra to come over. Korra finally accepts the invitation and leaves the arena.

Back on the police airship, Korra tells the two brothers that they and Asami are still welcome to come live on Air Temple Island, a proposition which they now gladly accept. At the same time, Lin tells Tenzin that Tarrlok was right-that she has failed her duty as Chief of the Police Force, and is resigning the next morning. When Tenzin tells her not to give up, she replies that she is going to look for her men 'outside the law', and she hasn't given up. Korra then turns to Mako and tells him to go to Asami, knowing that she needs him. As he does so, she passionately hugs him as the airship slowly approaches the Republic City coastline at night.

From their newly set up camp, the Vikings attack the Northumbrians by cover of night. They are able to capture the king's brother Lord Æthelwulf. Ragnar demands a lot of money for the Vikings' peaceful departure. King Ælle agrees to this if one of the Vikings is baptized as a Christian. Rollo volunteers and is baptized. Instead of paying the monetary demands, Ælle attacks the Vikings' camp. Rollo in particular, fights extra hard to prove he hasn't forsaken the true gods. Ragnar sends Æthelwulf's body to the king and he finally pays the agreed upon amount. Back home Lagertha is ruling over Kattegat. Siggy offers Lagertha her services and Lagertha accepts.

Lord Æthelwulf has been charged with leading King Ælle's armies against Ragnar and his men. Ragnar sets up camp and waits for the Northumbrian soldiers to arrive. Meanwhile in Scandinavia, Lagertha runs Kattegat and deals with petitioners. Æthelwulf observes from above the camp that the Vikings have made. They decide not to strike but to somehow make the Vikings give up their position. Rollo and Ragnar are aware of them watching but Ragnar says that he first wants to see what they'll do. In the middle of the night, Ragnar and his group of men attack. They win and take the camp captive. Ragnar asks Æthelwulf if they shall go visit the King. King Ælle is upset that his brother has lost. The cardinal thinks that this is the work of God while another thinks it's the work of the devil. One lord thinks that they should just pay off the Vikings so that they'll go away. The Vikings arrive and are invited in to talk with King Ælle. Instead, they turn around and head back the way they came. They return later because Ragnar wants to see the way that they live. He is brought before King Ælle and they are invited to the feast. King Ælle asks what it would take for the Vikings to leave and to hand over his brother. Ragnar says two thousand pounds. The King accepts his terms but tells them that they must remain in their camp until he can round up that kind of money. He also says that he wants one of Ragnar's group to become Christian. Rollo volunteers to be baptized.

Siggy goes to visit Lagertha. She tells Lagertha that she'd like to serve her. Lagertha says that it's not necessary but Athelstan points out that it could help Siggy be happy. Lagertha says that if it's really what she wants then she accepts her offer. She tells Siggy that she and her daughter are now under her protection. Rollo is baptized and King Ælle tells Ragnar to return to his ships to await payment. Gyda can't sleep so she goes to lay with Lagertha. Floki is upset with Rollo because he feels like he betrayed the gods. King Ælle is true to his word and sends a cart full of money. Or so they think, but once they check, the boxes they are empty. King Ælle's men attack them unawares but Ragnar and his men face them head-on. During the fight, Rollo kills many Christians to prove to Floki that Odin is no longer mad at him. After, Ragnar goes to talk with Lord Æthelwulf. Lord Æthelwulf asks him to give him the chance to talk to his brother to persuade him to keep his word. Ragnar asks why shouldn't he just kill him now and Æthelwulf says because then he'd have nothing left to bargain with. Ragnar does kill him and sends him back to King Ælle by attaching him to a horse.

Later Queen Catherine and Francis are seen negotiating with the Count by offering him 10 times the money he paid to have his son released, but the Count is not interested, Catherine offers up Mary, saying that she would be ruined and nobody else would want her but Francis refuses. Francis then offers himself as ransom by saying that the Count and his men can leave that night with the heir to France as their hostage; Catherine tries to discourage her son, but the Count accepts his offer.

Synopsis: Dr. Shaun Murphy has to confront prejudice from an unlikely source when he takes on the case of a patient with autism, and Dr. Jared Kalu has to learn to accept his limitations as a surgeon. (IMDB)

In Tacoma Park Maryland, Luli meets a realtor and is told that she is only accepting backup offers for the property as there is an offer in escrow. Luli offers double the asking price in cash assuming the escrow falls through.

Spurred by the love of his adopted son, Brattle goes to the room of Lady Love. He has a confession for her: his name is not Gawain but Wilkin, Gawain was murdered in service to her husband, and he is actually one of the men that killed her husband. He tells her that Gawain tortured his family, so they seemed to accept him as something different and new. He tells her that he was a knight in Longshanks's army, and that Ventris as his commander sent him into an ambush of certain death. Brattle brings out a confession that will save the man accused of Lady Trula's death and instead put him to death. "I'm sorry Lady Love, the time I spent with you was worth the punishment I'm about to receive." She takes all of this remarkably well, and they share a tender kiss.

As Wilkin draws blades on the soldiers torturing the accused, Lady Love barges in and diffuses the situation. She won't allow Wilkin to accept all the blame without bringing forward Corbett's name. Why? Because she loves him, duh. "I think this is the thing that I've been waiting for," says Love. Love reveals that she too needs Wilkin to find out who she really is.

He goes outside, hides behind a truck, and notices Ines sitting with Mikkel on a bench. The Stranger appears, saying how little we understand the world. Jonas asks if this is real or if he is hallucinating, but the Stranger assures him he is not crazy. He tells him it's hard to grasp things that go against what we are conditioned to believe. Jonas asks how it could be possible for Mikkel to have traveled to 1986 and become his father. The Stranger assures him that whether he believes it or not, Mikkel is his father, Ulrich is his grandfather, and Martha is his aunt. Jonas refuses to accept this and tells the Stranger he is taking Mikkel back to make things right. The Stranger grabs him and warns Jonas that taking Mikkel back will alter the events: Mikkel won't meet his mother, and Jonas will never be born. He tells him his role is more significant than he thinks. Jonas looks again at Mikkel. 041b061a72


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