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Buy Tents In Bulk

CanvasCamp provides a wealth of detailed information on every aspect of our tents to empower our customers to make informed purchasing decisions. We also firmly believe there is no substitute for putting your hands on the product, putting it to use, and making your own determination. Every CanvasCamp tent purchased at retail cost comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. If your CanvasCamp tent is not the right fit for any reason simply return it, or exchange it for another size or style -- you pay for return shipping, standard return terms and conditions apply.

buy tents in bulk

If you're looking for high quality outdoor tents at unbelievable prices, look no further than Bags in Bulk. Our selection of high quality wholesale camping tents are made from high quality polyester and nylon, weatherproofed to stay dry in soggy conditions. They come packed in a reusable stuff sack that's made for easy transportation and fast setup. Choose from wholesale tents in 2-person and 4-person models.

American Tent has been manufacturing custom event tents for 20 years, and we are proud to manufacture our wholesale tents right here in the USA. Our tents are made with the highest-quality materials possible, including rust-proof stainless steel parts, fire resistant and waterproof vinyl, and graphics. If you would like to see our quality materials yourself, we even offer free vinyl samples before you buy.

If you have any questions regarding wholesale tents, Call our sales team. They're ready to help with tent purchasing advice as well as great Insta Pot recipes, top tips for fantasy football, and the best practices for keeping warm at Lambeau Field.

I am very pleased with all the tents I have purchased. Tony and Ryan are very friendly and have a vast knowledge of the tent industry they are always willing to help and answer any questions you may have. I will be buying more tents from them to add to our rental fleet.

Great company that makes a very good product. Seen production in person and it's pretty amazing what can be done. Always willing to work with the end user. I have many tents from American Tent and will continue to add to our numbers. Keep up the good work guys.

We offer a tiered discounting program for those wanting to purchase 3 or more canvas tents at a time. This program can provide up to a 20% discount off of the regular price of our canvas tents (pre-existing published discounts are not additive to these rates). The discount rates are as follows (and subject to change):

Our reseller program is for companies that would like to offer our tents & camp gear to their consumers, but have these products directly shipped to their customers by us, on their behalf. No holding inventory. Simply collecting profit when a customer makes a purchase. We ship in-stock items next business day (at the latest).

Our wholesale program was created for those needing a large number of canvas tents at one time (i.e. 25 or more). The wholesale discounts on these tents are more significant, but the minimum lead time for delivery is about 4 months. These wholesale glamping tents are typically made to order and require a deposit to start the production process. Deliver direct from the bell tent manufacturer.

Big Duck Canvas Fabric Warehouse offers a wide range of fabric options ideal for outdoor canvas tents. All of our fabrics are offered at factory direct wholesale pricing for cut yardage and bulk orders. We have selected some our most popular outdoor canvas fabrics suitable for tent projects and listed them here. If you have any questions about sourcing fabric for canvas tents we are happy to help!

Outdoor events are essential for any enterprise keen on socializing and showcasing products and services. Designating spaces with tents that spread your message is vital for business owners. Our blank canopy tents provide an ideal platform for branding and shelter for your marketing material. The viable outdoor tents also support indoor promotional events. Set them up strategically for easy brand visibility and access by visitors.

With sturdy tent material, the outdoor canopy tents are durable. Their 270GSM construction is tear resistant to lower replacement spending. They come with rust-free aluminum hardware that supports all-weather use. The tents have a protective layer that tolerates various elements for a long use.

We use dye-sublimation to ensure ink chemically bonds with the tent fabric for quality colors and graphics. The high-quality printing generates sharp texts and images that are easy to see from a distance. The tents provide vibrant backdrops for your messaging to quickly grab attention for optimal engagement. With hemming on the side and bottom edges, they have a neat appearance.

Our online design tool helps you customize the tents to match unique requirements. To make the event canopy tents unique and reflect brand individuality, use the upload option to introduce your brand logo and theme colors.

Table tents feature a tabletop display design with two-sided viewing angles. Table tents are a popular design when you need to capture the attention of both sitting and standing customers on two sides and are commonly used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, bars, and school. Acrylic table tents hold two inserts and can easily be changed as often as you want. Custom table tents available (minimums may apply). Sizes nominal. Made in USA. Acrylic frames made in USA from non-reprocessed acrylic sheet for the highest clarity possible to make your signage stand out.

Order custom canopy tents, gazebo marquees or printed promotional canopies for business, exhibition, camping, medical needs or more. Our fully-customizable, premium quality pop-up canopy tents can be ordered standalone or paired-up with sturdy aluminum pop-up frames and accessories. The tent toppers are covered with a protective layer, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. These fade-resistant and weatherproof canopy tents are available in 10FT high and 10FT/15FT/20FT wide dimensions. From festive sales, trade show booths, brand promotions, medical emergencies to creating quick outdoor spaces for offering protection from adverse weather conditions- these versatile tents can be used in many ways. Our high customer rating of 4.97/5 speaks for the quality itself. Order these promotional tents and solid gazebo tents and avail free shipping, bulk discounts, and priority shipping now.

Companies often host marketing events such as trade shows and exhibitions outdoors. This can pose a significant challenge because of weather conditions such as bright sunlight. Whether you're looking for a camping tent, emergency medical tent, gazebo marquee, or promotional canopy banner for exhibitions, we offer a vast pool of blank canopy tents to meet your needs. You can order canopy tent toppers only as replacements or pair them with frames. Most come with accessories such as hook-and-loop fasteners on the sides to ensure quick set up. Canopies usually have modular layouts that simplify assembly to save time. Some models have telescopic legs for speedy deployment. Choose from varying sizes to allow use in different locations. Look out for models with adjustable heights for added convenience.

With tough tent fabric materials, these canopies resist wear and tear from everyday use. Their high graphic weight ratings offer increased durability, which helps save on replacement costs. Because most have corrosion-resistant frames and protective layers over the fabric, our tents support long-term outdoor use. Customizable canopy tents comprise lightweight components to allow swift portability. Add accessories such as optional travel bags to your order for easy storage. With wheeled bases, the travel bags make tents easy to transport to different locations.

Our low-maintenance exhibition canopy tents are easy to clean, which saves you time. If your tent fabric gets dirty, use water, a soft sponge, and a non-detergent soap for easy cleaning. Be sure to allow the tent to dry out completely before the next use. All large volume orders for camping canopy tents or canopy booth tents get a discount that helps your company save money. To suit small or large companies, our discounts cover orders of the same type of tents ranging from two to over 20 pieces. Bulk orders also help reduce your purchase frequency and save time

We use two types of fabric: 600D Acrylic coated Polyester for our top-selling custom canopies and 420D Oxford Polyester for emergency tents. Aluminum is used for the canopy frame and rails. For more information, please refer to the "Product Specifications" tab..

Packaged WeightPackaged weight is the total of all the components that come in the package. In addition to the rainfly, canopy and poles, the stakes, stuff sacks and instructions are factored in. Some tents, like our Elixir Series, come with a footprint; many do not. If you intend to carry a footprint, be sure to add its weight to the packaged weight for a more accurate number.

In order to cut weight, backpacking tents give up a lot of internal space compared to frontcountry models. Key metrics to look at are tent volume, floor area, vestibule area and interior peak height. Analyzing these specs will give you a spatial understanding of a tent.

Double-Wall Backpacking TentsDouble-wall tents have a rainfly and a body. There are two walls between you and the outside. Double-wall tents are commonly freestanding because the comprehensive pole structure gives the rainfly support, tension and shape.

Seam TapingOn many backpacking tents, you will find the seams taped. Seam taping works quite well at keeping water from penetrating stitch holes. That said, it suffers from the same potential longevity issues as the coatings. Seam tape tends to flake and lose its waterproof properties in the same way coatings do with hydrolysis.

With a solid understanding of the key features of backpacking tents, and how they affect performance, it becomes easier to analyze feature lists, scan spec sheets and understand the differences between tent models. 041b061a72


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